Cinnamon Stick

We all know what cinnamon is, but don’t know how it originated in Asian cultures. It was early used for healing of open wounds as well with grade skin treatments to help rashes of certain jungle trees.

Most commonly it is used throughout the world as the staple of all natural sweetener for a spicy kick.

Basic PreparationInfused with hot drinks. Chop for flavoring of citrus desserts or spices.
Recommended ApplicationsBaked dessert dishes as well with spicy Indian curries. Great with Lamb and tender meat.
Taste & AromaBitter,Citrus, Earthy
Product StyleWhole
CuisineAmerican, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Mexican,
Handling / StorageCool Dry
Shelf Life4 +, 5+ in Granulated
Country of OriginIndonesia